Hyper-Realistic Eye Work

Eye Designs


All my eye designs are custom made and hand-painted.


The most common design is an acrylic core and outer layer of optically clear resin.



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All Eyes are designed and fabricated by Nate Motich

Copyright NateMotichFX | July2017

 A Synthesis of Digital and Practical Artistry

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In 2012 I started to see artists using 3d printing to turn their Z-Brush designs in to objects and I knew I had to jump into the technology. In 2013, I started a quest to learn as much as I could about 3d printing technology. Since that time I have built two custom machines and redesigned two Prusa clones.

I've  spent the last 3-years developing workflows to allow me  to incorporate 3d printing into my eye  making process.

3D Printing and Eye Making

This very small human eye was designed in Autodesk Fusion and the masters were printed and molded. This process is so much faster than using a lathe or hand sculpting.  The larger eye below was sculpted in ZBrush, printed and molded.

Other 3D Printing and Part Design Examples


 A Synthesis of Digital and Practical Artistry